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SCR888 Online Casino Malaysia

SCR888 is the top mobile slot games in Malaysia, available in both Android and iOS version. Ever since its official launch in the year of 2015, it has secured massive interest from online casino players across the entire nation.

Today, SCR888 is not only available in Malaysia, but also other South East Asia countries like Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. It’s no longer merely a local online gambling brand, but rather an international mobile slot gaming brand.

People prefer to play mobile slot games than live casino games nowadays. This is one of the important factors driving to the success of SCR888. There are many fake brands trying to mimic what SCR888 has achieved. You may see many similar brands like SCR2, SCR888 2.0, SCR888 3.0, none of these is real.

You can only win money from the original game version, as only it has the most genuine slot game engine with reliable algorithms. Try not to play with fake SCR888 game version as you might end up losing all your money.

What you can expect from SCR888 slot games? Here’s a list for some of the top mobile slot games:

  1. Highway Kings
  2. Wukong
  3. Dolphin Reef
  4. Great Blue
  5. Silver Bullet
  6. Captain’s Treasure
  7. Three Kindoms
  8. Feng Shen
  9. Thai Paradise
  10. Cherry Love

Some people say it’s possible to hack SCR888 slot games for quick profits. Anyway it’s just rumours. SCR888 has adopted highly stringent policy in terms of security firewall as well as online betting system. It’s pretty hard to hack its slot games. Even if someone does, IT team from headquarter would resolve the issue within days.

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