One of the Hottest Mobile Slot Games in Malaysia

Another sister product of ClubSunCity and GreatWall99, PlayBoy888 seems to be one of the hottest mobile slot games in Malaysia today. There is basically no difference all these products, but the brand logo. They share the same slot games, same back-end system, as well as slot game engine. Given that, why PlayBoy888 is able to become so popular in Malaysia?

It seems to be like a paradox. Although it shares everything with other two sister products, most players somehow prefer to play PlayBoy888. No specific reason. As we all know, the larger is the betting turnover, the easier you can possibly win from slot games. Therefore, number of players from the beginning has driven PlayBoy888 to have higher wining payout compared to the other two.

Just ask yourself, what would happen if one product offers higher winning payout, while all other things remain the same? Of course you will play the one with the highest winning payout. Who doesn’t want to win more money?

Available in PC Desktop, Android APK, and iOS

Similar to most online casino products in Malaysia, PlayBoy888 is available in PC desktop version, Android APK version, as well as iOS version. You don’t have to go all the way to illegal gambling dens just to play PlayBoy888. Yes, it’s really convenient to most players. It saves petrol and time. Basically, you can play slot games anywhere anytime you want.

Is it difficult to download its mobile version? Not at all. Only few minutes’ time is needed to complete the game installation. There are two different download sources for Android APK and iOS respectively. You gotta select the right download source for your mobile operating model. You are unable to launch iOS game application in Android smartphone.

Exciting Mobile Slot Games with Awesome Game Graphic

Although there is not much slot game choices in PlayBoy888, all of it slot games are of high quality with outstanding game graphic design. This has attracted millions of slot game players to play its game. Some of its most played slot games include Laura, Wukong, Ocean Kings, Three Kingdoms, Fong Shen, and many more. Its slot games are very niche; you can hardly find similar slot games with such high quality design in other online casino products.

Trust me, you would never want to miss playing this game. If you were to ask about its winning payout, I would say it’s generally quite good. Of course, not as good as 918KISS. But if you’re lucky enough, you can definitely win money from this game.