Mega888 Online Malaysia

Mega888 Online Malaysia is the authorized publisher for Mega888 Online Slot games in Malaysia. Mobile slot games are the latest trend in Malaysia. Besides, a lot of players have been seeking Mega888 Download quality mobile slot games. If you are one of these players, then you come to the right site. It launched back in mid of 2017. It is well known for its high-quality slot games and fast customer support service. After all, it has been highly accepted by the local casino players.

Why Mega888 Online Slot?

Additionally, it has a variety of slot games that you can play. There are many well-known slot games that you can find in it. Some of these prevalent mobile slot games include Great Blue, Dolphin Reef, Highway Kings, Monkey Thunderbolt, Panther Moon, White Kings, and many more. With different unique gameplay and rules, it makes sure players will not get bored with these slot games. After all, Mega888 online slot game strives to give you the best online gambling experience. A one-stop online gambling platform that you will not want to miss out on.

Experience The Ultimate Online Gaming With Us Today

Last but not least, Mega888 has a simple and fast deposit and claim process. The game dealers will top up the credits for your account. After your winning, you can just request customer support to transfer the winning to your bank account. To mention, it is all done securely and privately. Mega888 ensure that player’s information will not leak out.

Lastly, as an official Mega888 agent, we will often update some of the lastest development about Mega888 slot games. Hence, you can also find some useful winning tips guiding you on how to win big in it. Get yourself the game and try it out for yourself to experience the game in even more detail. Play big and win big only on choysun8 casino online.

3 Days Attendance Bonus

Terms and Conditions:

1.  ChoySun8 Members must make deposits to their account for a minimum of 3 consecutive days . Only approved and successful deposits will count towards the calculation of the Perfect Attendance Bonus.

2. To claim the Perfect Attendance Bonus, ChoySun8 will contact you directly.

3. After the Third (3rd) day of perfect attendance, member can claim MYR8.

4. Malaysia Online Casino Free Credit Attendance start/continue when member make a minimum deposit MYR30 that day.

5. Bonus amount can play on all Game Suite, No Rollover requirement for withdrawal.

6. Each Casino Online Malaysia member only allowed having one registered account in ChoySun8, if we found out members creating more than one account, Casino Online Malaysia ChoySun8 will treat these accounts as an organizational account and ChoySun8 have the right to terminate the accounts, and credit will be frozen permanently.

7. The Malaysia Online Casino Free Credit Promotion may not be claimed in conjunction with any other promotions currently offered by ChoySun8 and is subject to on going review.

8. ChoySun8 has the right to change the Malaysia Online Casino Free Bet promotion and its terms at any time.

20% Midnight Bonus

Terms and Conditions:

1. ChoySun8 is giving away 20% Midnight Bonus payout for every existing member’s deposit transactions with a minimum deposit amount of RM30.

2. No maximum bonus payout.

3. Participant is required to achieve certain rollover requirements before his/her withdrawal request is approved, of which the said requirements are set out as below:

Bonus Payout : 20%
Rollover Requirements : 3x

Reload Deposit Amount = RM30
Bonus Payout 20% = RM6
Rollover Requirements = (Deposit Amount + Bonus Payout) x 3
= (RM30 + RM6) x 3
= RM108

Member can only withdraw from account if he/she achieves the stipulated rollover requirements as calculated above.

4. ChoySun8 reserves the right to alter or terminate this promotion without prior notice from time to time.