New Brand But One of the Best

LeoCity88 might be a new brand to most of the online casino players in Malaysia. Yet, it’s also one of the best. Also developed by Playtech, it has successfully set its footprint in Malaysian online casino market few years back. With high quality live casino games as well as sophisticated mobile slot games, more and more casino players have switched to LeoCity88 from other online gambling products recently.

Together with NewTown (NTC33), Rollex, and LPE88, they are collectively regarded as the Top 4 Online Casino Games in Malaysia. What are the differences between these online gambling products? To be honest, there are not much differences. They are the largest online casino game supplier across the globe and are white-labelled products from Play-tech, which is in turn the largest online casino game supplier across the globe. There is no doubt that these products represent the highest quality in the local online gambling market.

Recently, LeoCity88 has slowly stood out from the list and become one of the best. It is because of its awesome game design, superb game speed, as well as high winning payout. Some of you might think that these brands have no control over the winning payout. However, don’t forget the fact that they can actually pick those games with higher winning payout to be put under their game list. And LeoCity88 has done this very well.

Play and Win from LeoCity88

Firstly, try download LeoCity88 game application on either your desktop or mobile devices. Despite the fact that it’s actually quite convenient to play on your mobile devices, desktop version does offer the best gaming experience of all. Subsequently, you would need to get an official game account ID with authorized username and password before you can login to the game. This is where you gotta do some in-depth research.

Nowadays, there is a number of dishonest online casino agent trying to cheat players’ money on the internet. Pick carefully who you’re gonna play with, especially new online casino agent. After that, make your first deposit with the qualified online casino agent for game account info. Then login to LeoCity88 casino game and start you journey to big win!